Fostering Global Solutions

At Anywr India, we believe our greatness lies in the genuine connections we build.


Our team isn't just a workforce; we're a family driven by a shared passion for international solutions.


We bring a personal touch to every interaction, understanding the human side of global mobility.


It's not just about services; it's about relationships, and that's what sets us apart.

Integrity and Commitment: The Core of Our Company DNA

Our distinctiveness is rooted in audacity, commitment, diversity, and pleasure. We approach challenges with audacity, tackling them head-on. Commitment is the backbone of our service, ensuring reliability and excellence. Diversity is celebrated, fostering creativity and inclusivity. Amidst it all, we find pleasure in the work we do, creating an environment where every team member thrives.
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Our presence in India

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Our presence in India


Unit 1303-1304,

Prestige Meridian 2, 13th Floor, No.30, MG Road, Bangalore,
Karnataka - 560001


Office No. 11, 8th Floor,
B-Wing, Kolte Patil City Vista Downtown,

Fountain Road, Ashoka Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014

2nd Floor, 32, Coles Road,

Pulikeshi Nagar, Bangalore,
Karnataka - 560005

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Our teams at your service

Unlocking Potential

At Anywr India, our core strength lies in recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths and values of each team member.

  • Emphasis on individual strengths
  • Cultivation of a positive work culture
  • Valuing each team member's contribution
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Harmony in Action

Our commitment to nurturing human strengths and values extends to every aspect of our operations, creating a harmonious and motivated team
  • Team collaboration and support
  • Personalized approach to client relationships
  • Continuous development and growth opportunities
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Innovate with Integrity

Our unwavering focus on human strengths and values forms the foundation of our success, fostering innovation and resilience.
  • Innovation driven by diverse perspectives
  • Adaptable and agile team
  • Strong ethical principles guiding our decisions
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Rohan Kamath
Rohan Kamath

Country Director India


Guneet Kochar
Guneet Kochar

Manager Business Development


Atish Nair
Atish Nair

Associate Manager Business Development


The strength of 1000 experts in 14 countries

Anywr provides you with local and global experts in Recruitment, Consulting, Immigration, Relocation, Training... to meet your needs for local presence and international coverage.

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